Roads to success quotes

10 Best Roads to Success Quotes

The Best Roads to Success Quotes

To be able to achieve success in any field or endeavor, a success mindset is absolutely needed. With this in mind, I have included 10 Roads to Success  Quotes below and hope they inspire and motivate you.

1.  When you feel like quitting, work harder


It’s usually just when you are about to quit that your success or miracle manifests. So it’s imperative that you don’t give up. Keep going even if you are not seeing any immediate results and eventually you will taste success.



2. Everything you want is on the other side of fear

Fear is one of the most limiting factors in life, work, and business. Fear is the opposite of faith. Don’t dwell on fear. take the leap of faith and you will find yourself landing in success land.



3. Focus on the outcome, not on the obstacles

Instead of focussing on all the obstacles in your way, start focussing on the end result. This will boost your desire and efforts to achieve success. Imagine yourself being successful. Imagine yourself having achieved your desired outcome and it will manifest sooner or later.



4. You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them

One of the things you must do in order to get success is to expect great things of yourself. you do this by reminding yourself that you don’t want to settle for second best. You want the best for yourself. Affirm it. Confess it and see it come to pass. These roads to success quotes are designed to boost your self-confidence and self-belief.



5. Positive thinking+ positive actions= positive results

While it is important to have positive thinking, it should be followed up with positive, massive action. It is then that you will start seeing great results in your life and business. Start with thinking big and then take big actions in line with your thinking. Soon you will see success in your life.




6. Work hard in silence and your work will speak for you

It is not necessary to announce to everyone what work you are doing. Just work hard and as the results start showing, people will automatically take notice. Your work will be your greatest testimony.



7. Keep on dreaming because dreams do come true

All success starts with a dream. The great achievers have testified to this fact. First the idea, then the actions, and then its success all the way. Never give up on your dreams. Keep on dreaming and thinking about what you want to do and you will get there eventually.



8. The days that break you, are the days that make you

This may seem like a contradictory statement. But actually, it is not. Something happens when you are down and out, which makes you firm up and develop a steely resolve to get the thing done. This is exactly what happed to Gandhi when he was thrown off the train in South Africa. It burned a desire in him to get rid of apartheid and thus was born a movement during those dark moments.



9. Your mindset will hold you back or help you win


So it all comes back to the right mindset. As you think, so will you become and so will you achieve. Work consciously on developing a positive mindset. Start thinking that if you can think it, you can do it. Start dwelling in the realms of possibilities. This mindset will help you to achieve anything you want.



10. Stop getting distracted and stay focused

It’s of utmost importance that you stay focussed on your end result. Many distractions will come your way. And some of these will be legitimate distractions. But if they are not contributing towards your outcome, get rid of them. It is said that the good is the enemy of the best. Don’t settle for the good. Go for the best. Maintain a sharp focus. Success is surely yours if you do so.



I hope and believe that these 10 Roads to Success Quotes have inspired and motivated you to dream big, take massive action and see all your dreams come true.

Remember again, it all starts in the mind before it manifests in reality. Happy dreaming.