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How To Earn Money Online by Building Successful Websites

Build Money Making Websites and Earn Money Online

Today I want to review a program called Affilorama.  Affilorama has many aspects related to Affiliate marketing. One important aspect of Affilorama is its free membership. You will be able to earn money online easily by learning how to build money-making websites.

Mark Ling, a millionaire affiliate marketer formed Affilorama. Mark had a vision of having 100+ video lessons designed to help the beginner and intermediate affiliates. He wanted to teach them how to build hugely profitable websites, just like how he does.

Of course, Mark did not start as a successful affiliate marketer. He started as a  broke college student. His broke life led him to learn about affiliate marketing. Slowly but surely he started making lots of money every week, and suddenly he tasted success…huge success…

But his success was shortlived as Google changed its policies and his account was closed down suddenly. and his income went down drastically.  As a result of this unexpected turn of events, he found himself heavily into debt.

Being very much discouraged, he hung up his affiliate boots. He got himself a 9-5 job. But even as he took the job, he decided that he was not cut out for the 9-5 job slavery. Out of sheer determination, he started affiliate marketing again. He implemented new and better strategies, worked hard… and what was the result of this?

Today, as a multi-millionaire affiliate marketer he lives the life that he once dreamt of…

Learning from his bitter experience, in the beginning, he wanted to help out new and budding affiliate marketers to succeed and live their dream life. To achieve this purpose, he created a free Affilorama membership. I am a member of this program and I highly recommend it.

Get Immediate Access to 100+ Free Video Lessons And Earn Money Online Fast

Once you sign-up, you’ll have access to over 100+ free video lessons. These lessons cover most of the topics related to affiliate marketing and teach you in a very simple and systematic way to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Topics include:

  • Finding good products to promote
  • Building websites
  • Conducting market research
  • Search engine optimization (getting your website ranking well in the search engines)
  • Creative ways to promote your products
  • Social networking and “web 2.0” strategies
  • Email marketing
  • Pay-per-click marketing
  • Creating or sourcing content for your website or newsletter
  • Get motivated, stay motivated, and avoid potential mishaps
  • Earning money by displaying ads on your site (eg, Google AdSense)



Lessons are created for Beginners and for Intermediate Marketers

Affilorama has over more than 100 lessons. So marketers at any level will find it very beneficial. If you’re just starting out in the internet marketing world, you can start with the basic lessons. These lessons teach what affiliate marketing is and how it works. From there, you can progress to higher levels.

But if you’re starting as an intermediate marketer, it’s a great place to start too.

The lessons Marks teaches cover topics that will help more experienced marketers too. For them, he has topics like how to outsource work in order to grow your business/websites.

So don’t think for a moment that this is just for newcomers because Mark has something for everyone, no matter what level of marketing they are at…

 Free Access To Affilorama’s Forum 

Another wonderful benefit you get for becoming an Affilorama member is you will get access to their free forum.

This is one of the largest and best forums on the internet for discussing affiliate marketing. Ask questions, get help with your website, or just shoot the breeze with other like-minded people.

The forum is a great place to get tips from other affiliates and Affilorama staff.

But a Word of Caution: It Doesn’t Give You Everything 

Don’t get me wrong. Affilorama’s free membership offers great training and I strongly recommend it.

But just keep in mind that to become a successful affiliate marketer, you’re going to need other tools too, such as…

Web hosting
SEO tools
Market Research
Competitor Research
Backlinks building
PPC tools

There is some good news for you though: From time-to-time, Affilorama offers $1 trials of their Affilorama Premium subscription. This gives you access to ALL of these things, plus some premium training too.

Therefore, if you ever see Affilorama offering a $1 trial of their Premium subscription, I strongly recommend that you get it. It will save you  LOTS of money.

And you will also learn how to earn money online fast and easy. I’m so glad to have signed up to Affilorama’s membership. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the video lessons and got tons of value from each lesson.

Of course, it’s such a great privilege to be trained personally by a Super affiliate, millionaire marketer like Mark Ling.

To get your own FREE membership, sign-up now: