Hello. I am Nitin, a Certified Life Coach, and a Certified Executive Coach.

I have acquired my Certifications through Symbiosis Coaching, Massachusetts, USA. Symbiosis Coaching is also accredited to the ICF ( The International Coaching Federation). Displayed below are my Certification Credentials.

Along with being a Life Coach and Executive Coach, I am also a digital entrepreneur.

My purpose is to help people in their individual, family and business life to become all that they can become and to earn to their full capacity. I have been helping and coaching people for more than twenty years now.

It is a joy to see people free from their fears and negative emotions and become a better version of themselves.

This website, however, is mostly dedicated to present online opportunities to my  readers. The readers should learn how to make money online through the internet.

In this day, a person sitting in a remote place in Asia or Africa can make money in the USA or Europe through the internet. My desire is to see people use the power of the internet to add to their family income and live fulfilled lives.

I hope that you will find something useful on my website and that it will add value to your life both personally as well as financially.

Do have a great time here.