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10 Skills that a Content Writer Must Have

The Basic skills that a content writer must have

A content writer has a great privilege and a great responsibility as well. Being a content writer myself, I need to develop my skills on an ongoing basis. With this in mind, I have written below about 10 skills that a content writer must have.

1. Good researching abilities

A content writer must have the ability to dive deeper into any topic. You must be good at researching things so that you can write on the same.
You will have to use Google and other websites on the internet to do thorough research on the topic. Only after that, you should start writing. That will give you the confidence to write with boldness.
Learn how to find appropriate keywords with low difficulty and huge search volumes. This will rank your article on the first page of Google.

2. Excellent grammatical skills

A content writer must own the ability to write grammatically proper sentences.
This is a very basic skill required by content writers. Even a single grammatical mistake can put off the reader so take care to write proper sentences.

3. A reasonable understanding of SEO

A writer should have some knowledge of Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO. This is because you want Google and other search engines to find and rank your article.
A better understanding of online SEO, offline SEO, and technical SEO is helpful. It will rank your articles and websites higher in the search engines.
This will grab more eyeballs and attention.

4. Be able to stay focussed and don’t allow distractions

A content writer must be very focussed. If not, or he will not be able to produce good quality content consistently.
You must be ruthless when it comes to writing. You must set aside time daily for the express purpose of writing.
This is the time when you cut yourself off from social media and all other distractions.

5. Strict about meeting deadlines

A content writer has to be very careful about meeting deadlines. This will affect your reputation as a content creator.
Obviously, there will be deadlines to meet all the time. You must plan your activities in such a way that you are able to submit projects well on time.

6. Good proofreading and editing skills

A content writer has the skill to proofread and edit very well. Writing is one thing but proofreading and editing is something different.
A writer must have the ability to go through the article thoroughly and do the necessary corrections. He must be patient and have an eye for details.

7. Ability to organize his writing

A content writer has the skill to organize or plan his writing in such a way that content creation is regular and consistent. He must be able to plan his writing, also known as content planning. This is a crucial skill for any content creator.

8. Be mindful of what his audience or readers want

A content creator must create content as per the need of the reader. You must not write for the search engine but for the reader or audience.
For this to happen, you must do thorough research on the needs of the readers and produce content that they want.
You could actually ask your audience what they want through polls or emails.
There are certain websites like and Quora that can give you some ideas too.

9. Writing original pieces and not copied material

Plagiarism is the bane of modern-day writing. Your writing should always be original.
It is not in good taste to copy and paste articles. That is stealing someone else’s intellectual property and is a legal offense.

10. Good social media skills

Finally, a content creator must be a good marketer too. You may write some of the best articles, but if nobody knows about it, you will not get enough attention.
One of the best ways to get attention is to learn social media marketing. It is vital to learn social media skills for marketing your article or blog posts.
You can share your articles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many other social platforms.
I hope that these 10 skills are clear to you now and that you will obtain, hone and polish these skills. This will make you a very good writer whose writing gets a lot of attention. Happy writing!